PUR hot gluing equipment


Advantages of PUR glue
* PUR glue ensures very good adhesive bonding in case of standard materials as well as the problematic edging (e.g., HPL, etc.) or plates (for example Fire protection plates)
* Post final drying secured tolerance for diverse environmental conditions (e.g., moisture, temperature – kitchen furniture, bathroom furniture, etc., or, e.g., transport and intermediate storage of the products for export, prevention of reclamation)
* PUR glue can withstand extreme temperatures – both hot and cold (-30 ° C to 140 ° C)
* Very durable (advantage with long service life even in case of the products with high-density use)
* Ca. 50% lower consumption of glue in comparison to Hotmelt glue
* Essentially “zero-glue joint.”
* Minimized time spent on cleaning the unit and components
FEMATECH PUR glue unit:
* The FEMATECH PUR glue unit can be added to (any of) the existing edging devices (e.g., IMA, Homag, Brandt, etc.) To allow the use of PUR glue for gluing the edges.
* The FEMATECH PUR glue unit does not need cleaning granules each night or a weekend, or even for longer work breaks, so the device is associated with minimal maintenance (time) costs and guaranteed user-friendly use of PUR 1K glues.
* In the FEMATECH PUR devices are basically used 2-3 kg or 18-20 kg aluminum foil packaged PUR glue cartridges
* The FEMATECH PUR2 glue melting capacity is up to 6 kg / hour, the glue melting capacity of the device PUR20 is up to 20 kg/ hour.
* Device control / information through a touch display
* Airtight sealed system
* Manual or automatic lowering of temperature (e.g., lunch break, “Stand-by-Function.”
* Acoustic and visual glue level tracking